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Our team has the ability to undertake a variety of project types and sizes. Projects can range from intimate residential buildings to large scale urban developments. We have experience in market oriented design and highly detailed architecture.

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DAVID YAN, Caulfield North

“I first became involved with Vos Architecture + Design during mid-2015 when we were considering an alteration and extension for our 1930s Art Deco home in Caulfield North, VIC. I had spoken with a “short list” of five architects at that time about their vision for our home and John was the most passionate and...”


“Working with Vos Architecture + Design on our home renovation was an outstanding experience. Our Brighton home, a neglected 1970s property, required significant maintenance and a complete overhaul in both functionality and style. We needed an expert to guide us through this complex renovation, and we found that expertise in our architect, John Vos. John’s blend of skills as an architect, interior designer, project manager and his knowledge of engineering and construction was invaluable. His extensive experience with high-end multi-million dollar homes, apartments, and small renovations provided him with a unique ability to maximise value from the design, construction, and material selection. John provided clear and structured guidance from the start, transforming a potentially stressful process into a smooth and manageable one. His deep knowledge of modern home renovation techniques was evident in every step, from the initial design phase, builder selection and management, construction oversight to the final touches. John’s expertise helped us update our home into a stylish, contemporary space, incorporating the latest design trends with our personal requirements. A major highlight of working with John was his ability to identify cost-saving solutions without compromising on quality. By selecting high-quality, budget-friendly materials, he ensured that we received excellent value for our investment. John's attention to detail was impressive. Every aspect of the renovation was meticulously planned and documented, which prevented surprises during construction and provided us with peace of mind. The project included a complete demolition and re-planning of the kitchen and bathroom areas. John designed new joinery and selected new fittings and finishes throughout the house, including tap-ware, sanitary-ware, floorboards, carpet, and lighting. He also integrated a new feature stair and concealed air conditioning, significantly enhancing both the functionality and aesthetics of our home. John excelled in effective communication with ourselves, our builder and suppliers to keep the project on track and minimise delays. His connections to high-quality suppliers ensured that we received top-notch materials and services, which elevated the quality of the renovation. John skillfully guided my wife and I through complex design and build decisions, ensuring that both our visions were respected and integrated. One of John's key strengths was knowing when to assert his professional opinion. He was firm with us and the builder when necessary, ensuring that project objectives were met even if it wasn't what we or the builder initially wanted to hear. Thanks to John's project management skills, the renovation was completed in 9 months, well ahead of the 12-month timeline estimated by our contacts. Remarkably, it could have been finished in 6 months if not for some changes we requested during the process. John's transparency and communication kept us informed about progress and issues, allowing us to make timely, informed decisions. His accurate estimates and budget management ensured there were minimal financial surprises, and unexpected challenges were efficiently handled. Our experience working with John on our Brighton home was highly positive. His blend of guidance, expertise, cost-saving strategies, attention to detail, effective coordination, reliable supplier connections, and strong advocacy made our renovation a success. Initially, we considered managing the project ourselves due to our connections and experience, but John's involvement proved invaluable in saving us time and money. We now understand the immense value an architect brings to such projects and would highly recommend John for any future projects.”

JEHANGIR SANDHU, Mont Albert North

“Working with John was a positive experience from the very start. He understood our brief but at the same time he guided us through other options that maximised our project potential. We are now well settled in our new home and the whole family enjoys the spaces we have available to us.”

NED ZAATARI - Pascoe Vale South

“My experience working with Vos Architecture + Design has been excellent. John is a true professional who brought design skill, attention to detail, and management skills to our project. He has thorough understanding of the process with local councils and getting things built.”


“We chose John (Vos Architecture) after interviewing a short list of other architects. John was realistic in what could be achieved on our inner city block and came up with an interesting functional design that met the prime requirements...”

VAN CAMACHO, Bulleen - New Home

“John has done a fantastic job of designing our 'dream' home. Great service and nice work, John. We are now on the stage of getting a building permit and getting quotations for contract issue.”


“If you're building a home to live in, we would highly recommend Vos Architecture. We considered other architects and had difficulties with the work they had provided. As our area is governed by restrictive laws, our dream home design was a constant 'back to the drawing board' with council's planning department...”

LES WHITE, Keilor East Townhouses

“John came recommended to us by a family member, as someone of skill and integrity. We provided him with a loose brief for the design of 2 townhouses in Keilor East, that they simply be modern, luxurious and cost effective...”


“John helped us and our friends design our home with great detail and care every step of the way. Very down to earth and highly and great at what he does. It was so refreshing to use an architect that that understands the interior design aspect as well as architecture for what we wanted and within budget! More than happy to recommend !!”


“One of the best Architects that I have worked with over the last 25 years or so. Attention to detail, good knowledge of the trade and brilliant detailed drawings. Would highly recommend John and his services. Definitely the Architect I would use for my own property. :)”


“Vos Architecture + Design is one of the best architectural practices we've had the pleasure of working with. As a builder there is nothing we like more than a project that has been properly thought out and documented. Their ability to work within their clients budget whilst maximising the design criteria is key to their success. I would have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone for both commercial and residential projects.”


“John provided us great design concepts, material selections, professional contacts and advice throughout our design, planning approval, build process and beyond, and was always very responsive to our needs and project challenges! We were recommended John by a friend who completed a renovation on a home similar to ours, and have happily recommended John to our friends based on our experience.”


“I am a builder and I worked on one of John's projects last year and found him to be a pleasure to work with. His drawings are clear and concise, his attention to detail is fantastic but done in a manner that makes our job so much easier to build . He has great creative design ideas so makes the job of building that much more interesting and fun to be associated with. Communication with the owners and ourselves throughout the project was second to none. I would definitely recommend John for anyone who is looking for an architect.”


“I had the pleasure of working with John in the past at a large Architecture firm in South Yarra. Once I knew he had set up his own company, I recommended John to one of our clients that required a registered architect and John was the first person that came to mind. John has the creativity and experience to provide high-end design solutions for your residential project.”


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Why chose an architect over a draftsperson?

Why chose an architect over a draftsperson?

For straightforward projects, a draftsperson or building designer may suffice, as they offer cost-effective solutions. Vos Architecture + Design recognises the value of tailored expertise, which ensures you pay only for the services essential to your project.

Architects, with university degrees and licensing credentials, bring a heightened level of skill and adhere to rigorous standards set by governing bodies. Architects are expected to continually elevate their knowledge and skills to meet and exceed these standards.

Opt for an architect if your project demands elevated design or a distinctive solution. Our team excels in delivering more than just drawings and permits; our comprehensive approach extends to project direction, budget management, and overarching project guidance.

Do you have tips on how to achieve a successful project?

Do you have tips on how to achieve a successful project?
  1. Pre-purchase. Before purchasing a property, consider seeking advice from an architect. They can identify opportunities or obstacles that may elude your notice.
  2. Be realistic about your budget. There is a lot of confusing advice on what construction costs; one reason is that there are many variables in the construction process, many building types, and many different outcomes. The best place to start is to have a professional advise you based on recent experience on a project similar in nature to your project.
  3. Time. There are hundreds of decisions throughout a project. The higher the expectation of quality, the more decisions, and the more time required to sort it out and decide. Busy clients with little time, or clients that are indecisive, can often get into trouble when trying to manage a project. In this case, we would highly recommend budgeting for an architect to manage your project.
  4. Choose your consultants well. Using a draftsperson is a viable option for many people and for many projects. For instance, a draftsperson is suitable for development work where the builder is the client and only wants minimal design and documentation because they are used to working out most of the project themselves. However, if you value high-quality design solutions, the additional training of an architect can provide opportunities that you may not have considered, solutions that could save you time and costs, and a superior outcome much better than you expected.
    Clients often come to VAD with a clear vision, yet our expertise allows us to offer alternatives that align with budget constraints and site considerations, ultimately leading to preferred outcomes. Our option is usually the option that is chosen.
    In terms of subconsultants, choosing the right engineer, building surveyor, and other professionals for your specific project is essential. VAD can secure competitive quotes from reputable professionals with whom we have established relationships, mitigating delays and unnecessary costs.
  5. Find the right builder. Builder selection is key, and our team can recommend reputable builders or assess the suitability of your choice of builder. Whichever the case, we ensure that the builder is appropriately qualified by:
    – reviewing a recently completed project to check quality and the owner’s thoughts.
    – visiting a project under construction and gauge the order of the site and relationship with their subcontractors.
    – seeking references from other owners or architects that have recently worked with them.
    The most reliable way to have a builder that will perform is by selecting one who recognises there could be an opportunity to be involved in another project when this one is completed. This opportunity will be based on the professionalism of their construction process and the quality of the finished product. They are running a business, so if they have a relationship with an architect or someone you know well that may build, all the better.
  6. Manage the costs. We have found great value in having a builder involved in a project from the outset. A builder, at each stage, can review the budget and offer suggestions on how to reduce costs of the build better. By the time you are at the tender stage, there is very little chance to be surprised by tender submissions 50% over the budget. The other option is appointing a quantity surveyor. They can create a cost plan that takes into account each element of the build, but you do miss the different construction options that a builder can offer.

How do you calculate your fees?

How do you calculate your fees?

Vos Architecture + Design recognises that each project and client is unique. Our fees are carefully tailored to the size, complexity, and cost of the undertaking. Following a detailed discussion with the client, we determine the necessary level and extent of services, leading to the calculation of a fixed fee. Additional fees may be charged if the brief changes or other work additional to the agreement is requested. We guarantee a clear understanding on what the expected costs could be right from the start.

How do you manage the budget?

How do you manage the budget?

At Vos Architecture + Design, we frequently draw on our rich past experience and industry benchmarks to guide budget considerations. For unique or complex projects, we often recommend involving a quantity surveyor or a reputable builder to contribute valuable insights throughout the process. Trust VAD to bring a depth of expertise to your project, ensuring thorough budgeting and informed decision-making at every stage.

Do you have a signature style?

Do you have a signature style?

No. We have successfully designed a variety of projects ranging from efficient townhouse developments, classic luxury homes, clean and modern designs, heritage work, passive house environmental homes, restaurant fit-outs, shop fit-outs, office fit-outs, industrial developments, and period homes.

Can you provide references?

Can you provide references?

Yes, we can gladly provide references from home owners, builders, and building managers.


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