Sanguine Estate

Explore our team’s latest architectural venture in Heathcote, Victoria! Delve into the creation of a charming cellar door that not only represents the esteemed Sanguine Estate winery but also serves as a versatile space for functions and events. Watch VAD’s exclusive preview through our recently released video walkthrough on YouTube.

Our architectural involvement, spanning from concept design to building permit documentation and interior design, is deeply rooted in the essence of Sanguine Estate. Discover how the recycled timber roof trusses, a key feature, provide a sense of permanence to the structure. The interior ambiance is further enhanced by a feature bar, timber floors, a stone fireplace, and open display shelving, creating an inviting space for wine enthusiasts and event-goers alike.
As you journey from the carpark, a black timber arbour frames your first glimpse of the sprawling vine fields, offering a unique welcome to Sanguine Estate. Inside the cellar door, frameless glass windows to the left capture panoramic views of the vineyard, fostering a deeper connection for visitors to witness the very grapevines that contribute to the wine they savor. Step into an additional private dining room adorned with similar breathtaking views. This intimate space is designed for special occasions, providing families or groups an opportunity to gather, savor exquisite food, and relish the wines in a setting that encapsulates the beauty of the surrounding vineyard.

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