Vos Architecture + Design was initially established in 2003.


What We Value

  • To reach the optimum balance between design brief, site context, sustainability, time and budget for each specific project.
  • We are driven by the search for creating beauty, creating and a sense of place or sense of home.
  • Sustainability is integral to all of our design work. Not only to we have a duty to care for our planet, it helps the bottom line.
  • We appreciate the past and look to the future. Our concepts are generally clear and confident. But we celebrate quality architecture of the past. Having the two contrasting against each other can result in something greater than if they existed separately.
  • Although we highly trained designers that value imaginative, sophisticated design, the result is meaningless if it does more-than-meet the client’s expectations

Why Choose Us

  • We will take the time to get to know you and understand who you are.
  • We will then take the time to understand your individual requirements and how to best have them realized.
  • Our focus is on the owner or client. It is about you, not us.
  • We have glowing reviews. Our promise is to deliver the brief, on time and on budget.
  • VAD has expertise and experience in all aspects of the building process, that is, design, construction and project management.
  • We are qualified professionals. You will be appointing an Architect, university educated, well trained, and approved by the Architects Registration Board of Victoria (ARBV).
About The Director


  • Bachelor of Planning and Design
  • Bachelor of Architecture (University of Melbourne)
  • Registered Architect in Victoria

John has experience in all facets of residential projects that spans 25 years. He has also been designer and project architect on retail projects, education, hospitality and office buildings. He has previously held senior positions in some of Melbourne’s leading architecture practices.


Why did I become an architect?

At the end of primary school, I discovered drawing came easily. I realised that I had a natural ability visualize and to understand spatial relationships. In high school I discovered that I was strong in the maths and the sciences. It later became apparent that there could be no better way to express myself than the pursuit of architecture, and bridge these two disciplines.

What inspires me?

  • I am a city dweller and take joy in the day and night energy of urban life.
  • I am fascinated by people, accepting of difference and appreciating the varying behaviour each person has when experiencing the physical world.
  • I look forward to contrasting experiences relative to my day-to -day life. Whether it be the simple life on the beach, the organised chaos of travelling within Hong Kong, or appreciated a view while on a snow-capped Mount Hotham.
  • Love design, cars, motorcycles, fashion, travel…

What else?

  • I love my family.
  • I have a keen interest in psychology.
  • I believe in a calm mind and healthy body.
  • I have a black-belt in Taekwondo, love sport, cycling and keeping fit.
  • I have a broad range of music tastes.
  • Love cooking…and eating.