Workbox Oakleigh

Vos Architecture + Design - Warehouse Architect Oakleigh

Our team is proud to share a sneak peek into our visionary project in Oakleigh, Melbourne! Dive into the future of small warehouse-office spaces with our recently released video walkthrough on YouTube.

In the bustling heart of Oakleigh, Vos Architecture + Design has conceptualized a forward-thinking development aimed at maximizing the potential of the site. Join us on a virtual journey as we unveil the developer’s vision to create a series of distinctive warehouse-office spaces. The concept, born out of a keen understanding of the market, aims to meet the growing demand for versatile properties in the real estate market. The design isn’t just functional; it’s intended to be iconic, laying the foundation for a potential brand identity.
Our role in the concept design is crucial to shaping the identity of these spaces. Discover how we’ve addressed key areas such as truck access, parking for visitors, tenants, and disability considerations, alongside thoughtful touches like landscaping, roof maintenance access, street presentation, waste services access, and sustainable design elements.

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