Lakes Entrance, Victoria, Australia


Building permit

Floor area 900m2

The existing home has three bedrooms, one living area and a two-car garage. The owners consider this to be a retirement home, where their three children would come and visit with their families.

To make this comfortable when all four families would stay together for long periods, four bedrooms with their own bathrooms would then be required. Also, a greater number of living area options would be needed both inside and out.

Concept Design
Town planning Application
Building Permit Documentation

The rear of the property has direct views and access to the adjacent lake. The existing living area is set back some distance from this. To take advantage of the water, a new pavilion has been created closer to the water line. The pavilion includes expansive glass, high ceilings, a floating fireplace, timber floors and a brutalist concrete form. A series of decks are located around the new pavilion, which incorporate operable screens that can divide the decks into smaller spaces, and when preferred could also provide privacy from those passing by who use the lake.

An internal link has been created between the two living areas. Adjacent to this area is a central open courtyard which has protection from the prevailing winds, and will be used during cooler months for dining or relaxing while capturing the sun’s heat.

The notion of privacy is extended to the façade of the building. A perimeter of screens allows for views out of the home, but only partially in. The gaps between the existing home and these walls provide an opportunity to plant internal ferneries that will be enjoyed in the warmer months, creating a cooler breeze and dappled light over the area.

Other essentials such as a pool, gym space, and storage areas are also incorporated.